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Watch Complications

When you’re getting into the world of luxury watches, there are a lot of terms to learn. While these definitions can be a bit intimidating, BQ Watches is here to help. In today’s BQ Glossary, we’ll define ‘watch complications.’ Complications can increase the cost of a watch, but they also add functionality. 

In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the details of watch complications and showing you some examples of luxury watches with premium complications.

What Is a Watch Complication?

A watch complication is an additional feature added to a watch beyond the typical time-telling functions. Features such as calendar, chronograph, or tourbillon complications can add value and functionality to a timepiece. They’re also a testament to the watchmaking skills of the brand.

Some of the most common complications are day and date displays. There are also advanced complications like chronographs, that can measure elapsed time, speed, and more.


What Is a Grand Complication Watch?

Grand complication watches are considered the peak of premium horology. These timepieces combine several complications into one watch. The true definition of a grand complication watch isn’t always completely agreed on by the watch connoisseur world, but these watches typically have moon phases, a perpetual calendar, split-seconds chronographs, a minute repeater, and chiming functions. 

Grand complication watches are highly coveted and are considered some of the most artful pieces in the watch world, thanks to the work and finesse that goes into making them. Watchmakers that can produce a grand complication show how skilled they truly are.

What Is the Most Complicated Rolex?

Rolex is one of the most popular and well-respected luxury watch brands in the world. Rolex earned its reputation by creating top-quality timepieces that are precise and exceedingly well made. So, it makes sense that one of the most prestigious watch brands in the world is capable of producing amazing timepieces with multiple complications.

If you’re interested in purchasing the most complicated watch in the Rolex catalogue, make sure to choose the Sky-Dweller. Read on to learn more about that timepiece.


The Best Watch Complications - Premium Examples

Now that we’ve defined what a watch complication is, it’s time to break down some premium examples of top luxury watches with complications. You can find all of these timepieces and more in the BQ Watches inventory.

As mentioned, the most complicated Rolex watch on the market is the Rolex Sky-Dweller. This watch first came out in 2012 and thoroughly impressed the watch world. The Rolex Sky-Dweller comes equipped with a dual time zone display, a 24-hour display, and an annual calendar. The annual calendar complication makes the Rolex capable of keeping track of the day of the month and only requires resetting once per year. I

n addition to having a variety of complications, the Sky-Dweller is an aesthetically pleasing timepiece. Rolex knows how to create a classic, timeless design and the Sky-Dweller is certainly no exception to this rule.


This is a true classic from Rolex that includes two fundamental but highly useful complications. The Rolex Day-Date displays both the day and the full day of the week. Rolex has been producing the Day-Date for decades, meaning there are plenty of options to choose from. 

You can find Rolex Day-Dates in various materials, dial colours, and sizes. In short, you should have no problem finding a Rolex Day-Date that you’ll cherish.

  • ROLEX DAY-DATE II 218238


    • YEAR2012
    • BOXYes
    • PAPERSYes
  • ROLEX DAY-DATE II 218238


    • YEAR2008
    • BOXYes
    • PAPERSYes
  • ROLEX DAY-DATE 118208


    • YEAR2002
    • BOXYes
    • PAPERSYes
  • ROLEX DAY-DATE 40 228238


    • YEAR2021
    • BOXYes
    • PAPERSYes
  • ROLEX DAY-DATE 18958


    • YEAR2001
    • BOXYes
    • PAPERSNo

The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar is another great watch with the annual calendar function. The annual calendar displays the day, date, and month of the year and automatically adjusts, only needing to be reset once per year.

The annual calendar complication is highly convenient and requires precise, top-level watchmaking. Patek Philippe is also known for its dedication to complications and its knack for innovation. The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar is a beautiful, precise, and functional watch that would be a great addition to any collection.


Finding the Perfect Luxury Watch Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Finding your perfect luxury watch doesn’t have to be difficult. At BQ Watches, we have used luxury watches from all of the best brands. Whether you’re looking for basic complications or something highly complex, you can find it in our inventory. If you don’t happen to see something you love in our current selection, we’re always happy to source a watch for you. At BQ Watches, you can always find your ideal timepiece.