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Patek Philippe Watch Valuation
Online or Local Service in London

Professional Patek Philippe Appraisal

With BQ Watches, you can get a professional valuation of your Patek Philippe timepiece. Get your Patek appraised and learn its true worth.

Value for Pricing, Insurance and Estates

BQ Watches can provide you with an accurate appraisal for insurance and estate planning. If you’re wanting to sell your watch or you just want to learn the value, we can help with that too.

Antique, Rare and Vintage Patek Experts

BQ Watches has a team of watch experts who specialise in accurately assessing contemporary, antique, rare, and vintage Patek Philippe watches.

Experienced Valuation for Patek Philippe Watches

Choosing BQ Watches for your Patek Philippe watch valuation will ensure you get an experienced watch expert carefully assessing your timepiece and providing you with the most accurate valuation possible. Our watch specialists never cut corners and will always provide you with quality service. When you’re ready to get your valuation, simply fill out our form. It helps our team if you can provide as much detail as possible, including the original box, papers, receipts, warranties, service history, serial number, and model number. It’s ok if you don’t have all the information, as we can provide a valuation for any Patek watch. Once your form has been submitted, we’ll confirm the details and send you a Special Delivery package free of charge. This package will be insured for up to £25,000, so there’s nothing to worry about. Once your valuation is complete, just let us know what next steps you’d like to take.

About Your Valuation

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About Your Valuation

About You

Why BQ Watches?

Choosing BQ Watches guarantees a fair and accurate assessment. We’ll provide you with the truest estimate of your watch’s worth. You can always count on BQ Watches to provide the best luxury watch services in the UK. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and are known for our exceptional customer satisfaction and the quality of our service. When you’re needing a valuation, you can drop off your Patek right at our London location, or you can use our convenient online service to ship your watch and get a valuation wherever you are located. You can always rest assured that sending your Patek to BQ Watches is the right decision. We’ll take the utmost care with your luxury timepiece and go above and beyond to make your experience enjoyable and convenient.

30+ years of experience

Phone, mail or in person

12-month warranty on all repairs

Secure permanent showroom

In-house watchmakers

Real humans, real watch experts

Market leader

Free expert advice

100% free return service

Special Delivery insured to £25,000

No hidden costs

After Your Appraisal Is Complete

Have Your Patek Returned By Mail

When your appraisal is complete, you have several options for the next steps. BQ Watches provides services to sell your watch, exchange it, or set up cleaning and repairs. Or you can simply request to have your watch sent back

You can always come to BQ Watches if you just want a simple valuation service and nothing else. Our experts will provide you with a fair and accurate estimation and send it back in an insured package.

Sell Your Patek to BQ Watches

If you decide you want to sell your Patek Philippe, save even more time by selling it to BQ Watches. We’ll give you our highest possible offer and you can choose to accept or decline. If you accept we’ll send you your money right away.

Trade-In or Exchange Your Patek

When you’ve got your eye on a certain watch in our inventory, you can choose to trade in or exchange your Patek. Use your trade-in value for a new timepiece or exchange it for something of similar value.


Experienced valuation from a Patek Philippe specialist is the best, most accurate way to find out how your Patek Philippe watch is worth, particularly for estate planning and insurance.
BQ Watches makes online valuations easy. Just fill out our form, we will send you your insured box to ship the watch to us, and then we will provide you with your valuation. What you do next is up to you.
Having an accurate value for your Patek Philippe is essential for insurance purposes. If something happens to your Patek and it is improperly valued, you may not get the full compensation you deserve.