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Cartier Watch Valuation
Online or Local Service in London

Professional Cartier Appraisal

BQ Watches in-house specialists are always here to provide you with a professional, accurate appraisal for your Cartier watch.

Value for Pricing, Insurance and Estates

BQ Watches can provide experienced Cartier valuation for insurance, estate planning, and resale purposes, or if you simply want to know what your watch is worth.

Antique, Rare and Vintage Cartier Experts

With more than 30 years of experience, BQ Watches provides trusted assessment for rare, antique, vintage and contemporary Cartier watches.

Experienced Valuation for Cartier Watches

When you choose BQ Watches for your Cartier watch valuation, you can guarantee an experienced specialist will assess the value of your timepiece. We’ll always provide you with a fair and accurate valuation. If you’re ready to get your Cartier valuation, all you need to do is fill out our simple valuation form. The more detail you provide our team, the better. Also, make sure to include your original box, papers, receipts, service history, warranties, model number, and serial number if you have them. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information, as we’re happy to value your Cartier regardless. Once you submit your form, we’ll be in touch shortly. Our team will send you a free Special Delivery package that is insured for up to £25,000, so there’s nothing to worry about. Once your valuation is complete, just let us know what next steps you’d like to take.

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About Your Valuation

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Why BQ Watches?

When you choose BQ Watches you get convenience, excellent customer service, and a highly accurate assessment of your Cartier’s value. You can drop off your Cartier for a valuation right at our store in London. Or, you can easily send in your Cartier through our online service and get a valuation no matter where you are. BQ Watches has also been in the luxury watch industry for over 30 years, so you can trust your Cartier is in experienced hands. Our quality services have made us one of the most trusted used luxury watch purveyors in the UK.

30+ years of experience

Phone, mail or in person

12-month warranty on all repairs

Secure permanent showroom

In-house watchmakers

Real humans, real watch experts

Market leader

Free expert advice

100% free return service

Special Delivery insured to £25,000

No hidden costs

After Your Cartier Watch Appraisal Is Complete

After your appraisal is complete, we provide you with several choices for what you want to do with your Cartier next. Of course, we can send it right back if you’d like. Or you can sell your Cartier, exchange it, or get repair and cleaning services as needed.

Have Your Watch Returned By Mail

If you were just needing your watch valued for insurance purposes or if you were just curious about the worth of your Cartier, we can always send your watch right back to you in an insured package. It’s easy and convenient to get a valuation from BQ Watches.

Sell Your Watch to BQ Watches

If you’re getting a valuation because you want to sell your Cartier, you can cut out one more step by selling it directly to BQ Watches. We’re happy to make you a great offer for your timepiece. If you accept our offer, we can send you your payment right away.

Trade-In or Exchange Your Watch

If you’re looking to get another timepiece, we’re happy to offer you a great trade-in value for your Cartier. Or you can simply exchange it for a timepiece of similar value. We have plenty of great watches in our ever-rotating inventory.


Yes! We make online valuation for your Cartier easy. All you need to do is fill out our form, send your watch with free insured shipping, and wait for your valuation. You determine the next steps once your valuation is complete.
It’s always a good idea to have an accurate valuation for insurance purposes. If your Cartier is undervalued by your insurance provider, you won’t get full compensation if something happens to your watch.