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Welcome to BQ Watches – we’re glad you’re here! If you are interested in selling a luxury watch online, you’ve come to the right place. For more than 30 years, BQ Watches has been trusted as the best online buyer for premium watches. We are located in London and proudly serve local customers, but we provide exceptional, personal service for customers worldwide.

With our Free Valuation and Guaranteed Offer, every step is straightforward. You will have all the information you need to make the best decision. In addition to purchasing, we also provide repairs, exchanges, and upgrades. Everything is in-house, and our experts are very responsive to the unique needs of each customer. Read on to learn more, and, when you’re ready, complete the form below to get in touch with our team.

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Complete your sale in five easy steps

Step #1: Complete our quick and simple online form (make a selection above).

The more detail you provide, the easier it is to give you an accurate watch valuation.

When you look to sell your used watch, a great starting place is your watch’s serial number and model number. It is also useful (but not essential) if you can provide store receipts, warranty papers and service history as these help us understand your watch’s history and verify its authenticity. This additional information will increases our valuation when you look to sell your old watch.

As we have our own in-house watchmakers, we are happy to buy watches of all ages and conditions, including damaged and broken watches.

Step #2: We send you our Special Delivery Watch Pack

Once you complete our form and accept our initial price quote then we will send you our free Special Delivery Watch Pack. In this pack, you will find a secure, sealable bag with 2 pre-paid Royal Mail special delivery envelopes of different sizes, so that we can accommodate boxes of all proportions.

After completing your details on the envelope, then you will send us your watch with the original box and papers (if you have them). Shipping is 100% free (we cover the postage cost) and the package is fully insured up to £25,000. We recommend you keep your Royal Mail reference number to keep track of the delivery.

Step #3: We Receive and Inspect Your Watch

Your Watch Pack will arrive at our workshop the next working day. Once processed, it will be verified, inspected and evaluated by our luxury watch specialists who have decades of combined experience. At our workshop they will thoroughly test all aspects of your timepiece, including the quality of its materials, its time-keeping reliability and its general condition. Rest assured that all aspects of our findings will be discussed with you when we let you know what your watch is worth.

We know a great watch when we see it, and our goal is to offer you the highest possible price for your watch.

Step #4: We Contact You with Our Valuation

After inspecting your watch, then we will call you with a 100% Guaranteed Offer to purchase it immediately.

Our model is High Volume / High Turnover and we can process hundreds of watches every day. It is because of this that we only offer competitive prices, and are confident that this makes us the best place to sell your watch.

When we provide you with our 100% Guaranteed Offer, then we will discuss our valuation rationale to enable you to fully understand how we arrived at the price for your watch.

Step #5: We Pay You

After you accept our final offer, then you will instantly receive payment transferred to your bank account.

If you decline our offer then we will immediately return your items through special delivery (fully insured shipping) at no expense to you and with no hidden costs.

Should you have any questions about any of these steps then do not hesitate to reach out to us at or on 01923 85 58 58.

Looking to upgrade?

The UK luxury pre-owned Watch Market is currently buoyant and stable and prices for Luxury Brands have historically risen almost every year; so much so that many consumers consider their pocket watch as a stable investment, as well as an item of intrinsic pleasure. For example, Rolex announced an average price increase of 7.4% in January 2020, though this varied according to the specific Rolex model.

We have found that many of our discerning customers often part exchange their old watches for an upgrade. Perhaps they have finally found their holy grail of a luxury watch in a newer model! We recognise that personal tastes evolve over time, and many customers may wish to change and switch-up their collections.

If you are interested in part-exchanging your watch, then please complete our form here.

What brands does BQ Watches purchase?

We are interested in any fine, luxury or premium brand watch. Specific brands that we trade in include:

Audemars Piguet





Franck Muller



Jaeger LeCoultre




Patek Philippe

Tag Heuer


Vacheron Constantin

and many others – if the luxury watch that you want to sell is not listed above then contact us for a decision

Does BQ Watches provide a free valuation service?

At BQ Watches we are happy to provide a free watch valuation service. If you would like us to value your watch, please complete the online form above, providing images if possible, and we will call you with an indication of what your luxury watch is worth.

What factors affect the value of your watch?

There are many factors that affect the value of your watch, including the Brand, Condition, age and whether or not you have the original box and papers. We buy watches of any condition, any age (including new and vintage watches), from any luxury brand, with or without the original box and/or papers.

Does BQ Watches price match?

As large volume luxury watch buyers, we will offer you a competitive initial estimate for your pre-owned watch. Once we have received your new, used or vintage watch, we will be able to provide an accurate valuation and, at that point, will be willing to match any other genuine trade offer.

Is it safe to sell my watch online?

With the rising number coffee-shop scams, where envelopes of cash are secretly switched for worthless pieces of paper, selling online to a reputable used watch trader, such as us, is actually safer than selling your Cartier watch in person.

Add to this the fact that all of our watch packs are fully insured to the value of £25,000, you can rest assured that selling your Omega watch to us will be a safe and secure transaction.

Reasons to sell your watch?

There are many reasons why someone may look to sell their Luxury Watch, but the most common reasons we hear are: