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Cartier Watch Repair
Online or Local Service in London


Experienced, In-House Cartier Repair Services

If you need repairs for a Cartier watch, we’re at your service. We can handle quick fixes, replacement parts, full restorations, and anything else you may need.

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance for a Cartier watch requires delicate expertise. BQ Watches repair specialists ensure every Cartier is serviced with care.

Insured Shipping and a One-Year Warranty

We provide insured shipping up to £25,000 for online service, as well as a one-year warranty for all our repairs. We stand by our work and the quality we provide.

Complete Care for Antique, Vintage, and Rare Watches

At BQ Watches, you can trust us with maintenance for your modern, antique, rare, and vintage watches. You can always count on BQ Watches for quality repairs or thorough cleanings. If you’re looking to request our repair services, you can visit us at our shop in London for in-person service or you can submit a service request online. Just fill out our contact form and let us know about the service you’re needing. A member of our team will contact you shortly to confirm the details.

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About Your Repair

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Why BQ Watches?

When you trust BQ Watches with your maintenance services, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. We have over 30 years of experience in the luxury watch industry, and we take care to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers. We prioritize customer service and quality above all else. We want you to feel comfortable coming to us with any and all luxury watch service needs. Our customers often become BQ Watches customers for life because of the quality and care we put into everything we do. You can guarantee that you’ll have an enjoyable and convenient experience when you go with BQ Watches.

30+ years of experience

Phone, mail or in person

12-month warranty on all repairs

Secure permanent showroom

In-house watchmakers

Real humans, real watch experts

Market leader

Free expert advice

100% free return service

Special Delivery insured to £25,000

No hidden costs

Bracelet Rebuilding

When you wear your Cartier every day, you’re likely going to cause some wear and tear on the bracelet. We provide complete rebuilding services, so your bracelet will look brand new again.

Link Repair and Replacement

When you’re just needing a quick link repair or replacement for your Cartier, you can trust BQ Watches to take care of it for you. We’ll ensure each link looks and feels like new.

Dial Restoration

Over time, Cartier watch dials may become faded or dirty. We can restore your dial and make it look like you just bought it out of the case.

Bezel Servicing

A cracked or damaged bezel can cause issues with the function of your Cartier, and it doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing. Our specialists provide bezel service, repair and replacement.

Clasp Refurbishment

A faulty or broken clasp can make your watch unwearable or loose on the wrist. We can refurbish your clasp and make sure it’s working the way it’s supposed to.

Box Replacement

Watch boxes are commonly misplaced. Or perhaps you purchased a Cartier and the box wasn’t included. We can replace your box, along with booklets if necessary.


You can usually expect a Cartier watch service to cost anything from £100 to £1,500, depending on the repair and if replacement parts are required.
Yes! All you have to do is submit a request and we’ll send you the shipping box to mail it to our repair specialists.
Yes, bracelets are common repairs. You can trust BQ Watches to take care of your bracelet repairs for you.
Yes, our watch repair experts can repair or replace your Cartier thread crown for you.