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We invite you to browse and enjoy our beautiful inventory of Omega watches. Omega is a company that hardly needs introduction, thanks to their reputation for precise and beautiful timepieces and innovative watch technologies. No matter what your preferences are, there is bound to be an Omega watch that you’d love to own. Adding an Omega watch to the collection is a feather in the cap of any collector. If you can’t find the Omega watch you’ve been wanting, don’t hesitate to let us know right away. At BQ Watches, we’re experts at sourcing the hard to find models. Just give us the details about the watch you’ve been looking to purchase and we’ll search it out for you.

Whatever Omega you’re in the market for, you’re sure to love taking a look at our current selection. No matter what Omega watch you choose, you’re going to get a truly premium-quality watch from a renowned brand.


Timeless Craftsmanship and Luxurious Style

There’s a good reason that Omega watches are so sought after. They’re known for an array of famous watches and wearing one is always an enjoyable experience. The mechanics, eye for design, and style speak for themselves. Whether you’re an avid Omega collector or simply someone who appreciates a great watch, you’ll cherish the Omega timepiece that you decide on. BQ Watches has an array of pre-owned, antique, and vintage Omega watches for sale, and we’re constantly getting new options in our inventory. 

Check back on a regular basis to see what we’ve added to our Omega inventory. We make sure to provide one of the best selections of second-hand luxury watches you can imagine. On top of that, we’re always happy to offer the best, most affordable price for these second-hand timepieces. If you’re looking to make a purchase of an Omega watch, we’re ready to help

What are the most popular used models?

When it comes to luxury watch brands, few names are as recognised as Omega. As with many luxury watch companies, their story began in Switzerland. In 1848, Louis Brandt was producing watches in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. They sooned moved to Biel as their business began to grow. In 1903 they officially registered the name Omega, though they had this name several years earlier. Eventually they joined Tissot to form the Swatch Group in 1983. 

Omega watches have been worn by everyone from 007 to Elvis Presley. Of course, their reputation is well-earned, since they created technologies like the minute repeater and co-axial escapement. Their accuracy and precision got them all kinds of unique jobs, like timing multiple Olympic games and being used by Jacques Cousteau for dives. 

If you’re looking to purchase an Omega watch, you can browse some of their more popular models below and learn a little bit about each of them.

The Constellation was introduced in 1952 and was the first mass-produced chronometer model from Omega. The collection is wildly varied and comes in an array of sizes, materials, and styles. It’s core design is unique with four claws and the Geneva Observatory medallion on the back of the case. 

The Speedmaster is a chronograph series with the unique brag of being the first watch on the moon. There are numerous coveted and beloved models to choose from including the Moonmaster, the Snoopy Award, and the Speedy Tuesday.

Not only is the Seamaster one of Omega’s most well-known diving watches, it’s one of the most well known luxury diving watches period. There are a wide range of Seamasters available, so you can choose something modern or something retro. They boast a range of water resistance, with the most impressive being the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep which can reach depths of 15,000 metres. The Planet Ocean models with the orange bezel are also striking.

The DeVille series includes some of the finest dress watches for men and women. These watches have anti-magnetic components and high-end calibres.

The distinguishing features of fine Omega watches

Omega watches have a number of recognisable and distinguishing features that set them apart in the watch industry. The quality materials like diamond and gold are just the beginning. As mentioned, their precision technology allowed them to be an Olympic Timekeeping watch. And of course, being the watch of James Bond means you need to be especially classy. 

As impressive as these features are, it’s hard to beat being the first watch on the moon, which is another claim Omega can make. 

Preowned, Vintage and Rare Timepieces for Men and Women

BQ Watches doesn’t just stock any watch. We find the best pre-owned luxury watches out there. We make sure to stock the best timepieces for both men and women, and ensure we’re stocked with something for everyone. 

If you’re a fan of vintage or rare Omega watches, BQ watches can help you find one. We can’t wait to help match you to the Omega watch you’ve been wanting.

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