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Timepieces inspired by the Dorset landscape, crafted to the highest standard, using specialised components to ensure unwavering durability.

Elliot Brown was founded in 2013 by Ian Elliot and Alex Brown, who shared the desire to create robust and reliable watches, designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor and adventurous lifestyles. Elliot Brown watches embody durability and precision, making them the perfect choice for those who embrace an active lifestyle. From water-resistant diving watches that stand up to the challenges of the sea to stylish everyday timepieces, each model reflects a commitment to quality and resilience. Elliot Brown watches are shock resistant, include total water protection and crafted with weapons grade materials encased in functional, classic designs.

Established in 2013 by long-time friends Ian Elliot and Alex Brown, Elliot Brown Watches was born out of a shared vision to create the most wearable, affordable, and toughest watches on the planet. Drawing on their unique watchmaking skills from the world of extreme sports, the founders set out to build watches that could withstand challenging conditions without compromising on style. The company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in its extraordinary capabilities, with each watch meticulously designed to exceed expectations and serve specific needs.

Elliot Brown has collaborated with organisations such as the Armed Forces, Mountain Rescue England & Wales, Land Rover, and various government agencies, reflecting its dedication to creating timepieces fit for purpose in the most demanding environments. From unique NATO webbing straps to a two-stage shock absorption system, every component is carefully considered to deliver unmatched durability. The founders, Ian and Alex, live a coastal outdoor lifestyle, subjecting their watches to continual re-development based on real-world feedback.

Elliot Brown’s mission is clear – to build the best watches and straps with highly specialised knowledge, staying true to its unique path and maintaining a commitment to quality that transcends industry norms. The result is a collection of watches that offer unsurpassed durability, a blend of style, quality, and utility, and a genuine connection with customers who appreciate authenticity and reliability in their timepieces.

Elliot Brown’s commitment to quality extends beyond design to real-world testing, Elliot Brown watches undergo rigorous water resistance testing to ensure their durability and reliability in aquatic environments. The brand is known for its commitment to creating timepieces that can withstand the challenges of water activities and maritime conditions. The water resistance testing is a crucial step in the manufacturing process, reflecting Elliot Brown’s dedication to producing high-quality watches. Each watch undergoes meticulous pressure testing, often exceeding 200 meters, which is deeper than most individuals will ever dive. This testing ensures that the watches maintain their water-resistant properties, providing peace of mind to wearers engaging in water-related activities. This dedication to transparency and honesty is a hallmark of the brand’s values. The watches are designed not just to meet industry standards but to exceed them, providing customers with a genuine sense of confidence in the durability of their timepieces.

Elliot Brown offers a diverse range of watch models, each catering to specific preferences and lifestyles. The Canford series features solid stainless steel cases and scratch-resistant sapphire crystals. The Bloxworth collection is designed for water enthusiasts, incorporating a sporty aesthetic with water-resistant features, making it suitable for aquatic activities. The Holton Professional, born from collaboration with a specialised branch of the British Armed Forces, reflects military-issued status with anti-magnetic protection and durability for harsh environments. The Kimmeridge range, introduced in 2017, caters to smaller wrists with a contemporary design, while the Land Rover collaboration brings forth the Holton Professional with distinct hexagonal detailing inspired by the iconic Defender. Each model showcases Elliot Brown’s commitment to durability, functionality, and timeless design.​