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BQ Watches is your premier source of luxury watches for sale in London. With our massive online selection and our beautiful local showroom located right here in the UK, we’re happy to offer our valued customers the best pre-owned Rolex selection. 

One of the most sought-after Rolex models is the Rolex Day-Date. If you’re in the market for a Day-Date Rolex watch, then BQ Watches is here to provide you with what you’re looking for. Our selection of Day-Dates is beautiful and ever changing. And if we don’t have the one you’re looking for, we can always find it for you.


Unmatched Beauty and Craftsmanship

The Rolex Day-Date, sometimes called the President watch, is a work of pure art. The craftsmanship of this prestigious Rolex model is impeccable, and the beauty of it simply can’t be beat. For decades, this watch has represented luxury and prestige. This watch is more than just a functional, wearable piece of art; it’s an investment piece. 

The history of this highly sought-after Rolex model starts in 1956. As always, Rolex was ahead of the curve, creating innovative designs. This was the first wristwatch to feature both the date and an unabbreviated day of the week on the watch face. It’s also the first waterproof and self-winding timepiece to include these features. Along with these features, the iconic President bracelet debuted with this model, giving it its President moniker. It didn’t hurt that President Lyndon B. Johnson was also one of the first to show off the Day-Date. This thrilling debut and signal of prestige have led many celebrities, CEOs, athletes and other noteworthy individuals to continue to choose the Day-Date as their go-to watch.

Popular Day-Date Rolex Models and Styles

Premium pre-owned wristwatches – vintage, rare and antique

If you’re looking for second-hand luxury watches, you can always come to BQ Watches. We carry elegant vintage, rare and antique timepieces of every luxury brand. Of course, we have newer used models as well at a more affordable price to you. 

Here at BQ Watches, we have something for everyone. No matter what your favourite Rolex model or luxury brand you desire, we’re sure to have something that suits your style and preferences.

We are always getting new watches in, and our watch experts are always standing by to help you find the perfect timepiece to add to your collection. 

Whether you’re in the market for a Rolex, a Patek Philippe, an Audemars Piguet or any other deluxe watch brand, we have you covered.

Source your preferred used timepiece

The Day-Date is a watch that anyone can appreciate. Our selection includes some rare, vintage and antique pieces as well as some of the more recently produced models. We can also source a particular Day-Date if you don’t see one that feels right for you. These watches are incredibly designed and have some amazing features.  As you can see, there are many good reasons that this watch is so desirable.

Unrivaled wristwatches for men and women

We have wristwatches for everyone. Our collection includes men’s and women’s watches of every brand. Our watch experts are also very adept at helping our customers find a watch to suit them. If you’re wanting a new watch but aren’t quite sure which watch is right for you, we’re happy to help you find something that you’ll treasure for years to come.

BQ Watches is simply unrivaled when it comes to our vast inventory of used luxury watches. And with our selection being pre-owned, it’s easier to find something in a variety of price ranges. Just because you’re buying used doesn’t mean that these watches are of lesser quality. Many of our watches are in amazing condition and include the original box, paperwork and more. In short, it’s rare that we’re unable to find something that suits our customers.

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Here at BQ Watches, we can provide all of your luxury watch services. If you’re looking to buy, we have a large inventory for you to view. If you’re needing us to source a timepiece, we’ll get to work finding the right one for you. If you’re looking to sell your watch, we’ll give you a great price for it. If you’re looking to get your watch appraised, we’ll provide you with an extremely accurate appraisal and valuation. If you’re wanting to trade your watch in for something else, we’re happy to set up an exchange. We even offer cleaning and repairs. 

Interested in financing options? We offer great rates for financing your new Rolex Day-Date watch,

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