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Here at BQ Watches we make it our mission to carry the best and most beautiful luxury timepieces the world has to offer. Below, you can find our inventory of the British-made Bremont. We carry a variety of Bremont models so that you can find something perfectly suited to your wrist. If you’re looking for a specific Bremont model that you don’t see here, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always happy to source a watch for our customers. Just let us know what model you’re looking for and give us all the details. We’ll go to work seeking it out for you.

Otherwise, please enjoy browsing our current selection of pre-owned Bremonts. There’s sure to be one that you’ll fall in love with. And if you happen to be in town, make sure to visit us at our London showroom. We’d love to show you our amazing selection in person.


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Historic Style and Flight-Tested Craftsmanship

There are few designs more timeless than a well-crafted aviation watch. These Bremont watches may not be the oldest, but their historic inspiration is clear. Bremont is known for creating stylish, precise and flight-tested timepieces that can withstand any adventures you take them on. If you appreciate pilot’s watches, then you’ll find something to appreciate in the Bremont lineup. We have various Bremont models for you to choose from, and our team is standing by to help you find the right one for your watch preferences.

BQ Watches is known for our dedication to representing the best of the luxury watch industry. Thus, you can trust that you’ll always find some of the best watch brands at the best possible prices in our inventory. If you’re in search of a used Bremont to add to your collection, be sure to come to BQ Watches first.

What are the most popular used models?

Bremont’s knack for timeless design means that just about anyone can find a Bremont that suits them. But Bremont definitely sets itself apart from other luxury watchmakers in a few ways. For one, it’s fairly new when it comes to luxury watchmaking companies, being founded in 2002. Also, Bremonts hail from Britain, whereas you would typically find most luxury watchmakers trace their origins to Switzerland.

But this hasn’t stopped Bremont from making its own mark in the industry. In 2002, brothers Nick and Giles English founded their watchmaking endeavour. As pilots themselves, they were naturally drawn towards creating beautifully crafted aviation watches. The name was inspired by a man named Antoine Bremont who provided the brothers with hospitality when they emergency landed their plane near his farm.

With their pillars of British engineering, aviation and military and adventure guiding the brand’s designs, Bremont has created plenty of beautiful watch models.

The Solo is one of Bremont’s most classically inspired models. These watches take their inspiration from pilot’s watches in the 1940s and are made to be highly legible and durable. This watch is perfect for pilots but also perfect for any casual or formal occasion.

The U-2 model has the distinction of being tested and used by an elite Spy Plane Squadron based out of California. These watches have withstood the test of functioning flawlessly at up to 100,000 feet.

The ALT1-C Griffon pays homage to the PR Mk XIX Spitfire, the plane which was operated by the father of Bremont’s founders. This inspiration has led to a truly well-crafted and beautiful timepiece that is as much at home in the cockpit as it is during your everyday activities.

The Arrow marks the occasion where Bremont became the first watch brand to sign the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces Covenant. This watch is designed with a 42mm case and with British airmen in mind. On these watches, Bremont is allowed to use the signs, symbols and insignia of all three services in the UK’s Armed Forces.

The Airco model is named after Aircraft Manufacturing Company Limited, which is one of the first aircraft manufacturers for the British military. They come in a variety of styles, so there’s bound to be one for the aviation watch collector in this lineup.

The exceptional qualities of Bremont watches

Bremont’s founders have a passion for precise watchmaking, and it shows. These modern timepieces have incredible features and timeless design, and they are built to last. When you are browsing through a selection of Bremont watches, you’ll have the choice between a variety of different metals, materials, features and styles.

Below, you can view some of the different metals, gems and styles that you can expect from Bremont watches.

Pre-owned, Rare and Vintage Timepieces for Men and Women

When you’re in the market for pre-owned, rare and vintage timepieces, you can always turn to BQ Watches. We carry watches for men and women that suit just about every style. 

But we’re known for more than just our varied and amazing selection of used timepieces. We’re also known for our impeccable customer service. Come to BQ Watches when you want not only a great watch but a great watch-buying experience.