Our Picks of the Month – September 2021

At BQ Watches, we have a wide range of desirable items for anyone and everyone. That said, we always have a few special watches that are worth highlighting. Perhaps a classic timepiece, a limited release or just something unusual that deserves extra attention. So today we share our monthly picks for September. Maybe you’ll see something that catches your eye. Please enjoy viewing and let us know if you’re interested in any of our beautiful selections.

2017 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Model Number 116508

First up, we have an absolutely classic Rolex model. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is the quintessential watch for the racing enthusiast or just anyone who appreciates a beautifully well-crafted wristwatch. The first Cosmograph Daytona was released in 1963, and it’s named for the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. Thus, a tachymeter scale is a prominent feature of these wristwatches. This allows drivers to measure elapsed time and average speed with Rolex’s renowned precision and accuracy. In short, if you appreciate Rolex, you can’t go wrong with this luxury timepiece.

Striking 18ct Yellow Gold Case and Gorgeous Green Dial

This particular version of the Rolex Cosmograph was released in 2017, with the model number 1116508. A beautiful Oyster bracelet is made with stunning 18ct yellow gold. The green dial also adds flair and a unique look to the watch.

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Tudor Black Bay – Ed Sheeran Divide Tour

Model Number 79230N

Tudor is known for making quality timepieces, and this Tudor Black Bay is no exception. This Black Bay has the designation of being specially ordered by Ed Sheeran. The Tudor Black Bay comes with a striking black dial and stainless steel bracelet. The 41mm case gives it some heft, and it feels great on the wrist. Self-winding mechanical movement, water resistance up to 200M and a large power reserve round out the features for this incredible Tudor timepiece.

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A Rare Custom Design by Ed Sheeran for His Touring Crew

Tudor Black Bays are already exceptional timepieces on their own, but this one is particularly rare and distinctive. This Tudor Black Bay was specially designed by Ed Sheeran as a thank you to his touring crew on his Divide tour. On the dial, you can see the tour logo prominently displayed. This Tudor Black Bay is a great watch on its own, but it’s especially great if you’re an Ed Sheeran fan.


2015 Patek Philippe Nautilus

Model Number 5712/1A-001

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is one of the most coveted sports watches out there. Add one of your own to your collection with this 2015 Nautilus model. The traditional steel case and blue dial give it a timeless yet sleek profile that would look great on any wrist and that fits almost any occasion. With the stainless steel model being the most popular and sought after, you’ll catch the eye of many watch enthusiasts with this beauty on your wrist. The moonphase dial makes it even more special.

An Exceptional Sports Watch With Stylish Moonphase Dial

This incredible sports watch comes with a moonphase dial, which indicates the phase of the moon. As the days go by you can watch the lunar discs wax and wane on your watch face the same way they’re waxing and waning in the sky. It’s a truly beautiful feature that just adds something extra to the overall experience of wearing a Nautilus. 

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