Our Picks of the Month – November 2021

At BQ Watches, we are always renewing our inventory with the highest quality premium watches from the finest luxury brands. All of the watches we offer for sale are exceptional, but some simply stand out. Today, we would like to share our favorite picks for November, 2021.

Check out these beautiful timepieces, and let us know if you’d like to make a purchase or source a particular item.

2020 Rolex Submariner Artisans De Geneve Andrea Pirlo

Model Number 114060-APP

First up, we have a truly rare Rolex Submariner, custom-designed by Artisans De Geneve for superstar athlete Andrea Pirlo. If you are looking for incredible craftsmanship that elevates your style beyond other Rolex watches, this remarkable timepiece is worthy of your consideration. 

One look at this watch and everyone you encounter will understand the true meaning of a luxury timepiece.

Rare Custom Skeleton Design for Renowned Footballer Andrea Pirlo

It only takes a glance to see the beauty of this watch, but it is the detail that really makes it special. The transparent sapphire dial reveals the hand-beveled caliber and balance bridge, custom designed in gold, rose gold and steel. The back is also transparent sapphire, allowing a through-and-through window view that is simply remarkable.

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2021 Omega Speedmaster

Model Number 310.

This rare Omega timepiece commemorates the 50th anniversary of the “Silver Snoopy Award” given by NASA astronauts to Omega in 1970. This historic award was a tribute to the watchmaker’s contributions to spaceflight, particularly the Apollo 13 mission. Here, collectors can own a finely crafted piece of history in the ongoing story of space travel.

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50th Anniversary Silver Snoopy Award Moonwatch

Featuring a stylish custom design in NASA’s iconic white and blue colors, this watch not only commemorates space travel, it is designed for the journey. Triple chronometers allow timekeeping in the launch location timezone and the landing location timezone. On the caseback, the sapphire crystal is embossed with a view of the moon and the Earth from space using micro-structured metallisation.


2014 Rolex Submariner

Model Number 116610LV

The Rolex Submariner is a fantastic timepiece. With captivating style and functional sporting features, these watches are the perfect choice for many of our customers. However, certain styles of Submariner are particularly desirable, with unique color combinations that collectors love. Today’s 2014 Submariner is just such a watch.

Highly Sought-after Starbucks Style, With Green Bezel and Green Dial

The next generation in a series of collector favorites, the green on green bezel and dial combination of this Submariner has a long, beloved history. Affectionately referred to as Hulk and then Kermit style, previous iterations of this green on green style have been sought by collectors for decades. 

Now, the new Submariners come with new green hues and a new nickname to match. This Starbucks style Submariner is a fantastic addition to any Rolex collection.

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