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Welcome to BQ Watches News and Views, a dedicated space within our platform for watch enthusiasts and collectors. As a trusted name in luxury watch trading, we recognise the nuances and ever-evolving landscape of the horological world. This section serves as both an informative hub and a reflection of our commitment to keeping our community updated.

Here, you’ll discover articles that span a range of topics: from the unveiling of the latest watch releases to in-depth industry news. Our expertly crafted advice is suited for everyone, whether you’re just beginning your collection journey or you’re a seasoned aficionado. Brands like Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Omega, and Patek Philippe, among others, frequently grace our pages, ensuring you’re always in the loop about the most prestigious names in watchmaking.

Dive in, explore our categories, and immerse yourself in a world where luxury, craftsmanship, and time-telling converge.

Latest Articles: