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The world of racing and the world of watches have a long, storied history together. Whether it’s F1, Daytona or any other high-speed auto sport, there’s sure to be a luxury watch inspired by it. Here at BQ Watches, we carry a choice selection of racing watches for you to add to your collection. Racing watches are sporty, highly functional and just all-around well-designed timepieces. If you’re interested in acquiring a racing watch of your own, be sure to make your purchase with us.

Our online shop has plenty to choose from, and our showroom in London is open to our amazing customers. Below, you can see what we currently have in our inventory.


Refined vintage, antique and rare styles

Racing watches are highly collectible and have been around almost as long as racing itself. This history means there are plenty of vintage, antique and rare styles to find. 

At BQ Watches, we make sure to seek out the most special and coveted racing watch models to add to our stock. When you shop with us for your luxury watch, you’ll be able to find watches from all eras in just about every style you can imagine. And if you can’t find the watch you’ve been searching for, our team is more than happy to step in and help. 

Just let us know what watch you’re seeking, and we can source it for you.

Which pre-owned luxury watch brands are available at BQ?

There are plenty of luxury brands that create beautiful professional racing watches. We carry all of the best luxury brands out there, so you can get your hands on the racing watch you’ve been wanting. We have Rolexes, Omegas, TAG Heuer and many others. You can take a look below to browse the brands we regularly carry.

Second-hand racing timepieces for men and women

We carry second-hand racing watches for both men and women. Buying a pre-owned luxury watch is always a great decision. When you buy your luxury watch used, you’ll be getting a great price for it. And luxury watches often hold their value very well, especially if the model is popular, rare, vintage, or made of quality materials. 

Here at BQ Watches, we’ll make your buying experience as enjoyable as possible. Our team can help you find your perfect watch, arrange the payment and have it securely shipped to you right away. We make it easy and affordable to shop for the best luxury watches on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Racing watches are built specifically to accommodate the needs of an automotive race. The most important features are a chronometer and a tachymeter bezel. The chronograph function acts as a stopwatch, with two or three buttons that can be used to operate the second hand. The tachymeter bezel is designed to help drivers with speed calculations.

The history of racing and watches can be traced all the way back to 1902, although the inspiration for racing watches might be traced back even further to the 1894 Competitions for Horseless Carriages race. This race infamously had many issues with getting accurate readings on the track times. In 1902, when the first Daytona race took place, driver Sir Malcolm Campbell broke several land speed records wearing his Rolex. This would later lead to the creation of the Rolex Daytona, and racing and watches would be associated from that point forward.

There are many great racing watch options, but two of the most classic and revered are the Rolex Daytona and the TAG Heuer Monaco. These iconic watches have a great design and a timeless style.

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