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When you’re looking for luxury, pre-owned gold timepieces, turn to BQ Watches. We’re London’s trusted supplier and source of luxury timepiece brands. When browsing our selection, you’ll see that we carefully curate our inventory to include a wide array of styles, brands, and materials. Gold watches, in particular, are some of the most popular, classic, and timeless pieces you can add to your watch collection.

Below, you can read more about the gold watches we have on offer and peruse our inventory for yourself. Our online shop is fully stocked with every watch you could once, but make sure to come and visit us in our London showroom next time we get a chance. We’d love to show you our timepieces in person.


Unrivaled vintage, antique, and rare designs

Gold watches have been very popular in the luxury market for decades, so there are plenty of vintage and antique designs for you to consider. 

At BQ Watches, our staff has decades of experience sourcing luxury watches. We offer a wide range of premium second-hand timepieces, so our customers can enjoy browsing a varied and rare inventory. 

Finding the right watch can take time, but you’re sure to find something you’ll love when you see what we have in rotation.

Which pre-owned luxury watch brands are available at BQ?

At BQ Watches, you can find just about any pre-owned luxury watch brand you can imagine. We have Cartier, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Omega, and much more. If there’s a brand you’re wanting to add to your collection, we likely have it. We’re also continually updating our inventory to keep things fresh, so shopping with us will always feel like a new experience. Of course, if you can’t find the brand you’re searching for, just let us know. We’ll be more than happy to source it for you and help you find the watch you want.

Second-hand gold timepieces for men and women

Our vast selection of gold timepieces includes watches for both men and women. We have something that will fit every wrist. A gold watch is a versatile and beautiful addition to any wardrobe. 

If you’re wanting to get the best price for a gold timepiece, BQ Watches is the place to go. By acquiring quality second-hand watches, we’re able to offer you the best possible price for your purchase. So not only do you get a gold watch made by a top manufacturer, you also get a great price.

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When you’re in need of luxury watch services, trust BQ Watches. We have a vast selection of watches to buy, but you can also sell or exchange your watches with us. If you’re needing an appraisal or repair, we can help you there as well. Whatever you’ need, just fill out our contact form and let us know. We’ll have a helpful, experienced member of our team get in touch right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, yes. 24k gold is as pure as gold can be, so you’re actually seeing the color and tone of pure gold. 14k gold is a gold alloy, so it’s mixed with other metals. Though the general coloring will still be gold, it won’t be the same hue as pure gold. That being said, 14k gold also has some benefits. It’s certainly more affordable and the mix of other metals makes it more durable, comparatively. 

A rose colored watch, or rose gold watch, is made with a mixture of gold and copper. The more gold in the mixture, the higher the karats of the rose gold. By combining these two materials, you get the signature rose coloring. If you’re looking for a slightly more subtle gold design, rose gold is always an excellent choice.

Gold watches tend to be some of the most valuable watches out there, especially if they’re 24k gold. Of course, this will vary based on the rarity of the watch, the brand, and other factors. Still, gold watches are a great choice in general, because they tend to hold their value very well. This is due to their inherent tie to gold being a valuable material that is typically considered a safe investment. Platinum watches can sometimes be more expensive, but gold watches are still among the most valuable timepieces you can own.

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