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Here at BQ Watches, we make it our mission to carry watches that suit every style. Part of achieving that mission means providing timepieces made of the finest materials and the most precious gemstones. Diamond wristwatches in particular are an en vogue way to bring true class and luxury to your watch rotation.

We carry a wide variety of diamond-adorned timepieces. If you’re looking to add a diamond watch to your collection, make sure to check out our inventory. We’re continually acquiring vintage, rare, and classic diamond timepieces for our customers to peruse. Learn more about our diamond watch selection below.

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BQ Watches can provide you with every luxury watch service you might need. Of course you can always buy the best pre-owned watches from us, but we’re also more than happy to buy your watch from you if you’re looking to get one off your hands. If you’d rather exchange your timepiece, that can easily be arranged as well.

In addition to our buying and selling services, we can also take care of your appraisals and your repairs. And, as mentioned, our team is well-equipped to source a watch if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our current rotation. Just let us know what you’re wanting and we’ll start looking into it.

In short, you can come to BQ Watches with any and all luxury watch services you might need. Simply fill out our contact form below and let us know what service you’re wanting. We’ll get in touch right away.

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Refined vintage, antique and rare styles

Diamond timepieces have become particularly popular in recent years, but many luxury companies have been producing these watches for decades. When it comes to vintage, antique, and rare diamond watches, our inventory can’t be topped. 

When you browse our online shop or come visit our luxury showroom in London, you’ll find the best and most beautiful diamond wristwatches in stock. 

In addition to carrying vintage and antique styles, we also carry more modern selections. By acquiring pre-owned watches, we can offer you the best possible prices for these exceptional timepieces. You’re sure to find something you love.

Which pre-owned luxury watch brands are available at BQ?

When it comes to pre-owned luxury watch brands, you can trust that our rotation includes all of your favorite luxury brands. We have Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Rolex, and everything else you could want. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our current selection, you can always ask our team to source a particular watch for you. We’re happy to help you find your perfect timepiece.

Second-hand diamond timepieces for men and women

We are pleased to offer an excellent variety of second-hand diamond watches for both men and women. The natural beauty of a finely crafted diamond watch complements any style, whether you prefer an eye-catching 42mm bust down Rolex or a subtle diamond Cartier. 

You can trust that the BQ Watches inventory will always offer something special for everyone. We’re proud to carry diamond watches in all shapes, sizes, and styles.


What is an iced out watch?

One of the more popular slang terms in the world of diamond watches is the phrase “iced out watch.” Put simply, an iced out watch is a watch that is uniformly encrusted with diamonds. This gives the appearance of being coated in a layer of ice.

What is a rainbow watch?

Rainbow watches are a fairly new trend in luxury watch design. A rainbow watch has an eye-catching and vibrant design that you can’t miss. As the name implies, these watches are encrusted with multi-colored diamonds or precious gemstones that encompass every color of the rainbow. Several different luxury watch manufacturers have released rainbow designs, and they’re highly-coveted amongst watch collectors.

What is a bust down watch?

Bust down watches are actually very similar to iced out watches. They’re luxury timepieces that are covered in diamonds. However, to be considered a true bust down watch, the watch has to be taken apart, or busted down, and encrusted with the diamonds. Then it’s put back together and is sold as a unique timepiece with the diamond customization. In other words, these have changes and modifications that aren’t done by the manufacturer.