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Birth Year Watches:
A Personal Time Capsule

If you are looking at buying a watch to celebrate your loved one’s special day, then consider a birth year watch.

The Birth Year Watch adds a new layer of meaningfulness to wearing a watch. By being manufactured in the same year as the wearers birth, it transforms a simple timepiece into a deeply personal item – creating a special bond between the watch and its wearer. This makes it the ideal gift for someone you cherish, offering them something truly special that they will treasure for a lifetime.

Browse our Birth Year Watches below by selecting the relevant decade and find the perfect piece today.

Why a Birth Year Watch?

In a world where mass-manufactured sameness has plagued the foods we eat and seeped into what we wear, originality has never been so hard to find. The concept of a birth year watch returns us to a sense of authenticity . A watch as old as its wearer, a watch that took its first tick in the same year as you took your first breath. A watch cut from the same era as the wearer, one that has lived through and been moulded by events and stories from the same slice of history. These timepieces capture the culture, trends and ideas prevalent during the wearer’s upbringing whilst pulling them into a midst of nostalgia. They are not mere accessories; they are vessels of memory, reminding the wearers of their roots and the experiences that have shaped their identity. Each watch, bearing the marks and nuances of their era, tells a story as unique and personal as the one who wears it. Birth year watches stand as an act of rebellion against the monotony of the modern world, offering a piece of history that is intimately tied to its wearer.

A Very Wise Investment

A birth year watch not only functions as a symbolic and thoughtful keepsake but doubles as a safe and lucrative investment. It’s an ideal gift for a loved one, offering them a timeless treasure that symbolises their years and experiences, while also being a wise financial decision. Consider, for example, the Submariner 5513, crafted in 1978. Initially priced at £410 in 1980 this model has seen its value soar, with BQ Watches currently offering it at £11,950. This is one of the countless instances where the value of vintage watches has skyrocketed over the years.

Unlike other investments, a birth year watch is a tangible asset that can be enjoyed and cherished, all whilst being an effective means of being able to afford your dream car in the future. The unique blend of personal sentiment and practical investment that the birth year watch offers makes it a particularly special item; a gift that keeps on giving, both in emotional value and financial return.

A History of Rolex Watch Prices

After delving into the history of vintage Rolex watches, we have identified a striking pattern: an impressive increase in the value of each watch. To present this trend, we have created a table that outlines the historical price changes of these iconic timepieces. The table below should be viewed as a reliable guide rather than an exact record. Using this data, we can observe how the value of various Rolex watches has evolved, providing a solid foundation for making informed decisions when looking to purchase a watch.

Air King£110£240£560£990£1,410£1,670N/A£4,750
Explorer I, Model Numbers: 1016 & 114270£160£320£660£1,190£1,680£1,930N/A£15,500
Explorer II, Model Numbers: 1655 & 16570£200£380£930£1,150£2,100£2,280N/A£8,000
Stainless DateJust, Model Numbers: 116200, 126300, 126200 & 126300 with Oyster Bracelet£200£420£930£1,410£1,910£1,950£4,450£7,000
Stainless and Fluted Gold Bezel DateJust - Jubilee, Model Numbers: 116234 & 126334£300£690£1,560£2,030£2,690£2,540£4,820£9,990
Steel and Gold Datejust TT, Model Number: 116233 Jubilee£350£900£1,900£2,540£3,400£3,160£6,610£8,500
Stainless & White/Yellow Gold Bezel Turn-O-Graph with Oyster, Model Number: 116264£360£930£2,020£2,660£3,700£3,160N/A£7,990
Submariner (no date), Model Number: 5513/14060/14060(M)£160£410N/A£1,130£1,790N/A£3,820£11,950
Stainless Submariner Date, Model Numbers: 1680, 16610, 116610N & 126610LN£210£410£1,070£1,610£2,150£2,320£5,150£14,500
18K Submariner, Model Numbers: 1680, 16618 & 126618LN£1,720£3,840£7,820£9,750£12,340£10,790N/A£32,440
Sea Dweller, Model Numbers: 1665 & 16600£250£430N/A£1,150£2,310£2,430N/A£7,910
Stainless GMT I, Model Numbers: 1675 & 16700£200£390£990£1,150£2,120N/AN/A£12,250
Stainless and Gold GMT II, Model Number: 16713£360£920£2,110£3,290£3,510£3,610N/A£8,950
Stainless Daytona, Model Number: 116520£230£430£800£2,180£3,270£3,580N/A£18,750
18K Day-Date Presidential, Model Numbers: 1803 & 118208£1,490£3,410£7,960£7,880£10,190£10,550N/A£22,870
Stainless Lady Date, Model Number: 176234£180£400£900£1,300£1,710£1,820£4,760£6,180
18K Lady Datejust, Model Numbers: 179168 & 279178 - Jubilee£1,040£2,470£5,950£5,900£7,530£7,870£12,480£16,100

The Struggle

A concept as thoughtful as acquiring the perfect birth year watch is bound to come with its challenges. Finding the right piece that not only aligns with a specific birth year but also resonates with the personality and style of the wearer is no small feat. Despite this, at BQ Watches we embrace the challenge with open arms and expertise. We are a vast and extensive team equipped with an in-depth understanding of brands, models and their historical significance, enabling us to navigate this process .

If the ideal piece cannot be found within our own collection, we have at our disposal a robust and comprehensive network that encompasses suppliers, dealers and collectors from around the globe. Utilising our resources alongside our commitment to our customers, we tirelessly search to find that special watch which not only marks a birth year but also becomes a cherished piece in a personal collection.

A Story from Gerald

A story of Gerald from Hertfordshire, a father who stumbled upon the idea of a birth year watch. As his son’s 18th birthday approached, the idea never seemed so fitting. He embarked on his mission to find the perfect piece to mark such a milestone.

We received an enquiry from Gerald and invited him into our shop so that he could describe his vision to us. We quickly understood the emotional weight of the request and immediately set out to find the piece that would embody the character and promise of the young man approaching his birthday.

Two weeks later Gerald gets the call. We had found it – a classic piece from 1998 with a reassuring, solid feel and the distinct sweeping seconds hand of a fine Swiss watch movement. It was then he had realised he had found the perfect watch – one that would accompany his son as he stepped into adulthood.