TAG Heuer Monaco Quartz Black

TAG Heuer Monaco Quartz BlackIt would be hard to argue against the view that the TAG Heuer Monaco is one of the most recognisable luxury watches of all time.

The Swiss watchmaker is understandably keen to produce re-issues and anniversary editions of the Monaco at an almost rapid pace, as the collection is now recognised even by those who are not luxury watch collectors. You don’t have to have an intrinsic fascination with the workings of a timepiece to find the fact that both Steve McQueen and Walter White wore a TAG Heuer Monaco, for example.

One stumbling block for many, though, has been the price tag. TAG Heuer has evidently realised that there was a gap in the market for a more affordable version of their popular Monaco range – and this is where the new release really starts to make sense.

The new TAG Heuer Monaco Quartz will start at around £1,300 meaning that it provides a much more realistic starting price for those who have always dreamed of owning the iconic timepiece.

Furthermore, the new Monaco Quartz will also be available in three different colour schemes, ensuring that all tastes can be accounted for.

The first is a brown dial with a brown leather strap (apparently inspired by the recently released Kingsman: The Golden Circle film), a mother of pearl dial with a white strap, and the more traditional black dial and matching leather strap.

All of these watches are presented with the instantly-recognisable stainless steel square case, which at 37-mm may seem to be on the smaller side, but they tend to wear bigger on the wrist when compared to more commonly seen round case watches.

While some luxury watch enthusiasts may be quick to denounce the inclusion of a quartz movement in a TAG Heuer Monaco, it is important to remember that this is not the first time that the collection has featured one. Nor, it should be added, is the most expensive collection from the watchmaker to feature a quartz movement.

Overall, the new TAG Heuer Monaco Quartz watches brings down the cost-of-entry to many, and it is easy to see why the brand has capitalised on such a big opportunity.

The traditional black TAG Heuer Monaco Quartz will retail for around £1,300 in the United Kingdom, while both the brown and white models will be slightly more expensive at around £1,800.

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