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Rolex is the most reputable company in the world 2017

Esteemed Swiss luxury watchmaker Rolex has once again finished first in a yearly survey by Forbes Magazine and Boston-based consulting firm The Reputation Institute to find the world’s most reputable company.

The result of the survey was announced late last week, and Rolex will be delighted to be named as the most reputable company in the world for the second year running.

While it may be hard to believe that a watchmaker would get near to the top of the list, let alone being named as the outright winner, it highlights the level of trust that consumers have in the brand’s products, public image, and organisation.

While Rolex took the top spot, finishing behind the watchmaker was Lego at number two, who were then followed by Walt Disney, Canon, and Google completing the top 5. You can read the full Forbes list here.

Rolex received a score of 80.36, which not only improved upon their 2016 winning total but also marks the first time that a top-ranked company has recorded over 80 points, which is considered to be an “overall excellent score”.

According to the Forbes article, “the higher the score a firm receives, the more likely its products are to be purchased or recommended”.

“Respondents perceive the Geneva-based firm as having high-quality products that it stands behind that meet customers’ needs. Respondents also see the company as being well-organised and profitable.”

Rolex is the only watchmaker to appear in the top 100 reputable companies, and it is, in fact, one of the few luxury companies to make an appearance on the list. Other examples are BMW and Giorgio Armani, while the remainder of the list is made up of more traditional consumer-focused brands.

Rolex will certainly be looking to hold onto their title for a third year running in 2018, and it would be hard to bet against them!

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