Omega Opens Museum of Olympics Timekeeping

Omega Opens Museum of Olympics Timekeeping

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang is well underway, and Omega is taking the opportunity to showcase the fruits of its long-standing partnership with the games with an exhibition of sports timekeeping in Seoul.

The “Omega Olympic Games Exhibition” is hosted at the Lotte World Mall in the South Korean capital, and it proudly displays 86 years of the watchmaker’s timekeeping history, which has extended through an incredible 28 Olympic Games since 1932.

The showcase allows guests to travel through a race-themed tunnel that includes “Start”, “In-Race” and “Finish Line” sections, and each of these displays some of the important technologies that have been developed and used by Omega over the years.

Alain Zobrist, CEO of Omega Timing, said at the Omega Olympic Games Exhibition’s official opening:

“For Omega, our Olympic Games role has been a passion and a dedication for many years. It’s a pleasure to open this exhibition and share some of that history and innovation. Timekeeping at such a huge event requires a lot of expertise and technology. In this showcase, you can really see how we measure every second so precisely. It’s definitely an exhibition that all sports fans should see.”

In the “Start” section of the exhibition, visitors can investigate the difference between a traditional starting pistol and the more streamlined and technologically-advanced electronic gun of today.

Moving onto the “In-Race” section, visitors can view the brand new ‘Motion Sensors’ that have been introduced at PyeongChang, as well as the ‘OmegaScope’, a piece of equipment that was introduced in 1964 that allowed race times to be broadcast on television.

Finally, the “Finish Line” section of the Omega Olympic Games Exhibition includes a handcrafted ‘Last Lap Bell’ and the more modern ‘Photofinish Cameras’ and ‘Photoelectric Cells’, both of which are used to determine the outcome of close races.

Also speaking at the exhibition’s grand opening was the CEO of Swatch Group Korea, Julia Choi, who had this to say:

“The Olympic Winter Games are an exciting moment for South Korea and I feel very proud to welcome guests in Seoul to this special exhibition. It lets everyone understand Omega’s important role in the event and how the brand is helping to make every moment a success. South Korean hospitality is sure to be at its best, and here you can see that the timekeeping will be too.”

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